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12000BTU Trane H/Wall Mtd Splits-4MWW0512CB0R0AA[13MWW0512CB0]

12000BTU Trane H/Wall Mtd Splits-4MWW0512CB0R0AA
Trane global reputation for innovation, excellence and reliability finds full expression in the new range of mini-split air-conditioners for the home. Each model in the range comprise of the optimum blend of quality, advanced technology, attractive design, outstanding value and solid reliability. Trane is one of the leading manufacturers of air-conditioning products in the world. Trane has a history of excellence and advanced technology which has resulted in Trane's reputation for quality and reliable products. Quality: All major components are individually inspected and tested, and every unit undergoes a run-test, prior to shipment from the factory. • Hydrophilic Aluminum Fin (Std for all indoor & HP Outdoors). • Multi-Bend Heat Exchanger. • Valve Protection Cover. • Low noise airflow system, large diameter cross flow fan. • Trapeziform innergroove copper. Standard Features: • 4 Speed Fan: Medium, Low & Auto. • Auto Sweep. • Sleep Mode: Automatic temperature adjustment for more comfortable sleeping conditions and energy savings. • Dry Mode: Controls humidity and maintains a constant temperature while saving energy 18 to 32°C temperature setting. • Self Diagnosis: LED showing diagnosis code. SPECIFICATIONS: * Performance Data (Cooling/Heating): • Capacity Cool(1) : 12 000 BTU. • Total System Power Input: 1030W. • Rated Current: 4.5A. * Indoor Units: • Indoor Air Flow(H/M/L): 352/311/235. • Dimensions: Width - 800mm. Depth - 188mm. Height - 275mm. Weight - 8kg. * Outdoor Units: • Dimensions: Width - 780mm. Depth - 250mm. Height - 540mm. Weight - 26kg. • Refrigerant Type: R410a